Miracool® Supplies Cool Kits Fog Machines and Misting Fans

Mist cooling is the concept of using misting fans, fog machines, and cool kits for patios,  mist cooling is also termed cool fogging where a fog machine produces a very cool fog. The benefits of mist cooling in many forms, has been in use for over 60 years. While most commonly used for cooling the outdoor environment, mistscaping and fogging, mist cooling can also be used for humidification, frost prevention, air filtration, dust abatement, odor removal, fire and smoke control, mist cooling is also used in wine cellars, and last but not least, entertainment or visual special effects. The most popular uses are for climate control and cooling the immediate surrounding environment.

Mist cooling using misting fans are very convenient as they are portable.

Currently installations of all types of cool misting and fogging systems include residential, commercial agricultural and industrial applications.

Specific industry use includes restaurants, poultry and dairy farms, zoos and amusement parks, concrete manufacturing factories, metal forging, playgrounds, sporting facilities and stadiums, produce display, wine storage facilities, golf courses, tennis courts and many more.

New applications are constantly being developed to keep up with popular demand. Cooling mist systems work using a process called flash evaporation, the science behind the mist cooling process